Back to Work: 5 tips on how to get back to work at your best after the holidays.

  1. Say hi to your colleagues. It may sound trivial, but public relations in your company are always important. Go and say hi to your colleagues and ask them how their holidays were. Even those with whom you do not get along will appreciate your concern. This will help you start the new year by creating a better and friendlier atmosphere around you.
  1. Do not start with your daily routine immediately. You are at the beginning of a new year. You don’t need to make new resolutions but to plan the next six months at work. Ask yourself what results you want to achieve, what projects you would like to focus on, and what your short- and long-term goals are. Write a list and keep it with you.
  1. Writing a list of goals is not enough. You need to monitor it constantly. Enter some time, twenty minutes is enough, in your agenda for the next six months. This is the time when you will check the goals you are achieving, the ones you are not achieving and why, and the adjustments you will make.
  1. Believing you know everything in your sector is reassuring, but it is almost always not true. The world evolves very rapidly and a good manager has to be constantly updated. Find out which courses might be most useful and what books could help you grow. Surf the Internet, choose professional blogs that look more interesting and follow them constantly.
  1. What if you are no longer happy with your job? Before sending out CVs, start checking your skills. Check that your CV is updated. Start telling your friends and acquaintances that you are looking for a job. This could also be done through channels such as Linked In. Map out the companies you would like to work for. Because, you know, finding work is hard work. 2016 may be a good year to reach your goals in your current company or to find new ones, somewhere else.